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Ramen Yamadaya
11172 Washington Boulevard, Culver City, CA 90232
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Ramen Yamadaya

11172 Washington Boulevard, Culver City, CA 90232

Genuine Tonkotsu broth ramen starts at your neighborhood noodle restaurant; Ramen Yamadaya brings ancient recipes to the modern world. Pop in for a quick bite to eat and choose your favorite noodles in a broth bursting with flavor and only the choicest toppings. Dine in at one of our intimate tables or take a Bento box to go. Service is fast but the food is worth waiting for. We want you to feel at home when you join us for dinner, whether that means watching the kitchen through the viewing window or visiting with friends. We want to be more than just a convenient stop on the way home from work.

The recipe for our signature Tonkotsu broth has been around for centuries. It starts with pork bones in the soup cauldron cooking for 20 hours while we closely monitor the heat and stir until the broth is rich and creamy. These wonderful flavors bring out the texture of our tender ramen noodles, and highlight your favorite ingredients custom selected from our menu. Our main dish is served Kyushu style, but you can have it Kotteri, Shoyu, or spicy. Of course there’s a reason the Yamadaya Ramen holds the top spot in the hearts of noodle foodies.

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Don’t stop with the noodles, we have a full selection of side dishes. Whether you want crispy French fries, creamy potato salad, or fresh cucumber Ippon we’ll bring it right to your table. We serve steamed or fried rice in a Mentaiko, Chashu, or curry bowl. It’s the perfect start to a delicious meal. We love to see students and locals in the restaurant; we know it's the food that keeps bringing them back.

We’ve got years of experience making great food. Our CEO Jin Yamada started with Japanese BBQ, finally opening the first Ramen Yamadaya in 2010. Since then, we’ve focused on our love for ramen, making it our mission to elevate this noodle into art. Noodles are very dear to us, and we wanted to bring that same love of good food to people everywhere.

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